General Surgery

What are hemorrhoids?

What are hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids, high in the anus and lower hemorrhoidal varices toplar- are shaped enlargement of the veins. How can Hernoroidal disease? In most cases, a specific etiologic factors can be drawn. However, preparing and disease has long been known that there are a number of factors started. It is thought to play a role in the formation of hemorrhoids the family inheritance.…

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Gallbladder Disease and Surgery

1. What is the gallbladder, what does he do? 2. What are gallstones? 3. How diagnosed gallstone? 4. What causes gallstones? 5. All gallstones the same? 6. Who will be in Gallstones? 7. What are the symptoms of gall stone? 8. What is the treatment for gallstones? 9. open cholecystectomy (open surgery) - closed cholecystectomy (closed surgery) What does it mean? Did 10.Açık surgery, closed oper…

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What is a Hernia

What is a hernia? Hernia, intestines and other intra-abdominal organs and tissues, in a pouch consisting of peritoneum is a weak area in the abdominal wall or leave it out of the tear. \ r \ n \ r \ nThis is possible to simulate the outbreak of the inner balloon tires. The outer layer (abdominal wall) will protrude from the inner balloon rupture in case of a rupture. This force may lead to fu…

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