Laser Epilation

Pin to large areas of the body hair removal laser hair removal, waxing, wax and instrument applied in a more comfortable and painless hair removal.

Laser hair removal is fast, secure and long-term results.

Laser hair removal may be applied anywhere on the body. Shaving, waxing and depilatory removes hair cream. However, within four weeks with feathers for hair follicles that have no return. Laser hair removal in the hair root hairs and come back later to be affected as they are thinned. When treatment is completed, the results are permanent lifetime.

Results immobilization of warranty?

Failure if there is a possibility at least in all of the medical practice. Results may be personal and regional differences. Unfamiliar with medical ethics and to guarantee that an incorrect application of those issues do not dominate. Your doctor will give you information about the possible consequences hair and evaluating your skin structure. Laser hair removal procedure decreased from 60% -80 result in unwanted hair is considered to be successful. Main achievement is the reduction of unwanted hair permanently.

Yapılabilirmi in the summer?

Applied in the treatment of summer. However, the carefully applied sun protection methods, the physician will suggest people to be treated. Also bronze skin application should not be done, should not be exposed to sunlight after application. When the tan application made are seen as side effects, which means that both the success rate düşmektedir.laz hair removal is the year of the laser beam to be used to implement the 365 days required to be successful in dark skin. Because the beginning of the diffucult issues comes dark skin laser hair removal practice. In the summer months tanned skin, all laser types in etmektedirler.piyasa challenge for applications made laser hair removal laser hair removal can not demonstrate successful results in dark and tanned skin. Melanin high sensitivity laser beam produces laser systems, the type of hair, light-colored in deep follicle and effective outcomes for doing their hair removal in darker skin types present in the skin of üretemezler.çünk sucking black tail Philippines laser beams, are prevented from reaching the hair follicles of the laser beam. Reduced energy level in such systems sustainable practices. However, to understand the level of success of the application to know the failure to reach the root of the hair to low energy is sufficient. And also leave stains or marks on the skin a possible probability.

Laser Hair Removal for Face

Facial region, one of the most critical areas for laser hair removal. In this region in hair removal should be particular attention to certain issues. Pubescence in the face cause is usually hormonal causes. The cause must be determined feathering hormonal disease. Hormonal treatment with laser hair removal is important to start well. Due to the hormonal sensitivity of the face and the hair cycle that must be treated quickly when selecting the type of selective laser. Alexandrite lasers can lead to an increase rather than a decrease in hair in the region. Therefore, even if the skin color is light, Alexandrite laser is deprecated in this region. Striking laser system with good results in the face, Diode laser. Face, neck, nape of the laser diode which is one of the most widely used.

Why should more than one session?

  Formation of hairs in our body, there are different stages of life, growth and loss. Bristles of different phases coexist in the same area. Makes the laser application to find the most sensitive stage of the laser must be repeated at regular intervals. 4-8 sessions per issue with the number of sessions varies from person to person and in different regions of the same person are sufficient to resolve the

In pregnancy (pregnancy) Does laser hair removal done? Further clinical studies are available regarding whether the laser hair removal safe during pregnancy. Because laser hair removal during pregnancy whether a negative effect on the fetus is not known exactly recommended for laser hair removal.

While milk (lactation) Does laser hair removal done?

Milk while breastfeeding so there was no harm in making laser hair removal