Neurology is a multidisciplinary medical branch which is dealing with the diseases of movement, brain, nerves and headache and epilepsy.

Duygu Hospital provides inpatient and outpatient diagnostic, therapeutic and continuous follow-up services for wide spectrum of neurologic diseases in Neurology departments.

Over time, neurology is divided into subdisciplines that require specialization, such as epilepsy, movement disorders, cerebrovascular diseases, dementia, sleep disorders. EEG or EMG labs for the treatment of diseases in all these areas have become integral parts of the neurology department.

What is EEG?

The electrical activity produced by the nervous cells in the brain, both during wakefulness and sleep, is printed on the paper in the form of brain waves.

What is EMG?

Electrical monitoring of the nerves and muscles in our body. By using a rigid linear electric current that will not disturb the patient, the electrical conduction functions of the nerves and the potential for the muscles to emerge with this electrical discharge are measured.

Services provided at the Neurology Department

Doctor of Neurology

Exp. Dr. Fikri HALAÇOĞLU